Monday, January 18, 2010

Blogging Break

I apologize to my many followers, for the long blogging break, but my camera disappeared during our trip to NYC in December, so I have way to take pictures :(

Braden and I had LOADS of fun in NewYork!!  We pulled off a great surprise for our dear friend Tim and spent the weekend celebrating his 30th Birthday!!!!  Tim and Jill are PRECIOUS friends and we created memories that will last a lifetime!

The "Passy Hero" has come and gone :(  This makes me VERY sad because it means my Trenton is growing up and because it was a painful week of suffering for Trenton and the entire family!!!!  I swear I miss the passy's just as much as Trent does!  However, he now smiles and says "Hey Mom, NO PASSY'S!!!!"  I think he is proud of himself for letting go and moving on.  A few days ago he found 3 passy's in a drawer and said "Yes I DO have passy's!"  I was in a PANIC - OH NO - what am I going to do???  My first response was "Those are not your passy's".  He immediately looked at the design on them and said "yes they are"!!  Thinking quickly - I said, "Oops, The Passy Hero must have left some behind...we must take these to Baby Eli" (the 6 month old who lives across the street).  THANKFULLY, Trent was excited about this plan and he happily took his passy's to Baby Eli's house!!!!  Much to my surprise, he NEVER put one in his mouth!?!?!  I hope he does not grow up to resent Eli!  At least The Passy Hero left behind a super cool Batcave that Trenton has really enjoyed! 

Kelsey has been busy with volleyball.  Her skills are improving greatly and she is very good a setting the ball.  She is hoping the be picked as one of the 2 team setters!  Of course, her most favorite pass time is texting and having sleep overs!  ;) 

I have a FUNNY story about the Elf that Will and Trent knocked off the shelf, but I'm saving that one for another time!  I must keep my readers wondering...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Will

Happy Birthday to Will!  Happy 4th Birthday to YOU!!! 
Since Daddy had to leave town (for work), Will opened presents FIRST THING!!

He was excited about his "scooter without training wheels"!

 Lego forklift from Nana/Pawpaw

Daddy reading Will the card from Grandma/Grandpa.
We wish we could see them more often.

Will got home from school & was SURPRISED to find this in our back yard! 

Let the P A R T Y begin!!

Will jumping with his Best Buddy, Andrew

Mommy had to try much FUN! 

Adorable!  Eating pizza together...

Happy Birthday to our SUPER BOY!

After cake, Trent was a SUPER mess!

We missed having Daddy at the celebration!  This party would not be possible without his hard work and dedication...THANK YOU!!!  We had a BLAST!

* sunshine + bouncing + sliding = NO SHIRT!  

Happy Birthday to Kelsey

November 4
Happy Birthday to KELSEY!!!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!  You are beautiful, smart, and creative.  We are so blessed to have you as our daughter! 

I put signs up - for all to see it was a special day!

We visited you at lunch...
made you a party hat & blinking Happy Birthday button!

You have a beautiful smile!

We wish you much Peace and Love!

Happy Birthday Kelsey!  We LOVE you!

I have no pictures but Kelsey's day began with breakfast at the donut shop - what a great way to start the day!!  That eveing, my parents took us to Kelsey's FAVORITE - Manny's!!! Next came gifts and cookie cake...what more could a girl what?!?!? 
I hope you had an EXTRA special day...because YOU are an EXTRA special girl!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Time

Please accept these pictures in exchange for costume pictures - because I only took 1 picture of Trenton dressed up for Trick-or-Treating.  In my defense...Will and Trent have been wearing their costumes EVERY DAY for the entire month of October 31 was not a big deal!  Prior to Trick-or-Treating, we went to a party across the street.  Kelsey was still at Volleyball practice, so I took my camera in hopes to take pictures of all 3 kids - once Kelsey arrived.  Well, by the time Kelsey got to the party - I was already drinking my second margarita, she was anxious to get to her friends house, and taking pictures never crossed my mind!!!

Kelsey was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and she looked ADORABLE!!!  Will and Trent were Power Rangers (per their request).  They still wear their costumes daily - so capturing a pic is not going to be a problem!   

Below are pictures from Friday, October 30.  We spent our entire evening carving pumpkins and we LOVED every minute of it!!!  With the large age difference between Kelsey and the boys, it's difficult to find activities that we can ALL enjoy.  I TRULY enjoyed having everyone in the same room - working together - smiling - having fun - laughing - my heart felt SO FULL!!!!  I have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

Usually, Will does not like his hands to get dirty

Trenton kept smelling the pumpkin

Trent's expression made us all laugh!

Each kid did their part cleaning out the insides! GROSS!

Will washed his hands more times than I can count!


The finished products...

Kelsey's Owl - she carved it ALL BY HERSELF!!!! 
It took her almost 2 hours! She's so creative!

Trenton's Jack-O-Lantern

Will's Jack-O-Lantern

 Will was sooo excited! He smiled all evening!

Daddy's Jack-O-Lantern

I was in charge of the seeds...they tasted YUMMY!!!

I almost is the one picture I have of Trenton.  He fell asleep in my arms -as soon as we got to the party.  We were able to wake him for Trick-Or-Treating, which he LOVED!  In fact, while Will was at school today, I asked Trent what was something fun he would like to do???  He answered "go Trick-Or-Treating"!!!  

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Cavity Club

Last week - I took Will and Trenton to the dentist and I'm proud to announce we have 2 members of the NO CAVITY CLUB!  Trent was an AMAZING patient and Will may have been their WORST patient of the lie!  I was shocked - but Will was NOT COOPERATIVE!  These 2 pictures were taken moments before he FREAKED OUT!  Apparently, Will thought she was going to swab his throat (like a Strep test).  He LOST it! 

Trent was happy and relaxed - as usual!  They could not believe that he picked mint flavored toothpaste -vs-a fruity flavor!  Trent loves mints!  However, he was/is not happy that the dentist says "no more passy."   We have been preparing him for the "Passy Hero" (who wears a cape like Batman) but he's NOT excited! 

They are growing up too fast!  Daddy is very happy but it makes me so sad!  I can't believe they are turning 12, 4, and 3 years old...time is passing so quickly! 

Murder Mystery Halloween Party

Our friend and old neighbor has an annual, adult only, Halloween costume party.  The theme this year was  Murder Mystery in Sin City - Las Vegas.  I was assigned the role of Mrs. Trump (formerly Miss. Las Vegas 1984). I'm married to Ronald Trump (Braden), who is a very wealthy casio owner.  My script said that I still enjoy wearing my sash, tiara, and gown.  I was SUPER EXCITED to find this dress for only $5.40 (tax included)! 

I still have the full costume - just let me know if anyone wants to borrow it!

Braden said his "Trump" wig was itchy, so it did not last the entire night

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Superheros feeding cows

During our recent visit to Six Flags, Will and Trent became the VERY proud owners of Superhero capes!  They brought their capes to Nana and PawPaw's house and wore them most of the weekend...even while they fed the cows!

These cows are along my parents back fence and Trent absolutely LOVES to feed them!!!! I honestly can't think of anything that makes Trenton happier, than feeding the cows!